Hero Design Group is a collective of creatives who strive towards interior design excellence. We pride ourselves on delivering the most efficient end-to-end customer experience, both in Hong Kong and globally. We utilise state of the art digital technologies to drive an effective and transparent process for our clients, from design to build.

Our aim is to ensure our clients are supported and heard throughout the entire design journey. At each stage, our team of heroes strives to carefully consider and understand both the needs and aspirations of our clients, as well as the creative potentials of their space, with the overarching goal of bringing integrity and soul to every project.
Our Global Partners
We are proud to collaborate with designers and artisans from all over the world who bring diversity of inspiration and cultural experiences to our studio, projects, and team culture. Click to learn more.
More partnerships to be announced soon...
The studio experience
At Hero, we pride ourselves on our narrative driven interiors - both memorable and practical - which resonate with our clients.

By that same token we wanted to create a work culture that felt more like a co-working and casual living space. This serves as a vehicle to strengthen both the employee’s and visitor’s connection to the company’s mission and brand.

We strive to push the creative boundaries of our clients as such we have worked hard to curate office interiors that double as a showroom and design lab for our clients.
We work on a variety of projects - commercial and residential, from small to large - with the same hands-on, passionate and collaborative approach to create tailored, cohesive spaces with a sense of conviviality.