Fromental is makers of hand-painted, embroidered, and printed wallcoverings, framed artworks and objects. Founded by designer-makers Tim Butcher and Lizzie Deshayes in 2005, the business’s ethos is rooted in deep love and respect for beauty. Beauty is fundamental to a good life, and Fromental's artists empower each customer and collaborator to welcome it generously into their every day.
The Hero team joined forces with Fromental to create a stunning wallpaper that embodies Hero's playful and timeless design essence. With Fromental's artistic expertise and Hero Design Group's brand colors as a guide, the collaboration resulted in a remarkable wallpaper design. The wallpaper captures the spirit of Hero's design philosophy, showcasing elements that exude playfulness and timelessness. This collaboration between Fromental and Hero has brought forth a truly unique and captivating wallpaper that reflects Hero's distinct design nature.

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