Hero Design Group motif in white color
Interior of a design studio in Hong Kong, featuring a stylish clear vase with delicate branches adorned with red berries and blossoms, centered on a sleek countertop. In the background, an individual adjusts vibrant green, blue, and pink square panels on a wall, creating a striking visual contrast.
Hero Design Group motif

We are a collective of creatives

Hero Design Group is a design & build firm that strives towards interior design excellence. We pride ourselves on delivering the most efficient end-to-end customer experience, both in Hong Kong and globally. We utilise state of the art digital technologies to drive an effective and transparent process for our clients, from start to finish.
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The studio experience

At Hero, we pride ourselves on our narrative driven interiors - both memorable and practical - which resonate with our clients.
By that same token we wanted to create a work culture that felt more like a co-working and casual living space. This serves as a vehicle to strengthen both the employee’s and visitor’s connection to the company’s mission and brand.
We strive to push the creative boundaries of our clients as such we have worked hard to curate office interiors that double as a showroom and design lab for our clients.
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Our heroes

Hero has curated a dynamic team of industry disruptors whose synergies result in unique design solutions. We are a cohesive group of thinkers and doers who share an insatiable enthusiasm for design. Together, we operate thoughtfully, purposefully, and deliberately to deliver interior design excellence.
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Partners & brands we adore

Hero Design Group interior design studio in Hong Kong exclusive partnership with Juliana VasconcellosHero Design Group interior design studio in Hong Kong exclusive collection with Fromental

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