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Hero Design Group is proud to announce our exclusive partnership with Juliana Vasconcellos and to work collaboratively with a true design icon. We look forward to combining our expertise in interior design with the disruptive and chic furniture Vasconcellos is so renowned for.
At the Hero Studio, clients can find her signature Giraffe chairs displayed in our conference room.  We offer clients a wide selection of her latest furniture pieces which include her Espaldar lounge and sofa, Giraffe chair, Espiral rug, Passagem Rug, Ghost console table and more!
Hero x Juliana Vasconcellos
Born in the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte, Juliana Vasconcellos runs her studio, focusing on bespoke interiors, architecture and design. Design is largely intuitive for Juliana. Inspired by impressions of the contemporary world, human relationships, nature and the visual arts, her style can be best described as emotional, unadorned and feminine.
She prioritises the contrast of natural materials such as stone, wood and metal and has a strong appreciation for 20th century design, especially Brazilian, French and Nordic.
Emerging from the architecture and interior design universe, her passion for furniture design was a direct response to the needs of her interior design projects. The strong and timeless design is a mixture of simplicity and elegance.
The choice of authentic materials plays an important part in the uniqueness of each piece.  The artisan work, the harmonious volumes and well thought details, give a particular emotional value to each project designed by her.

Q&A with Jualiana Vasconcellos

What drew you to collaborating with Hero Design Studio?

The business model and vision of Hero Design Studio seems to be very interesting and innovative. I firmly believe that collaborating with talents from other parts of the world will enable a rich cultural exchange and professional growth for everyone involved.

How would you best describe your design style? What are your main influences when creating a piece of work?

I consider my style somewhat simple, unadorned, feminine and emotional. My biggest influences are my impressions of the contemporary world, human relationships, nature and the visual arts.

What would you say are your values and ethics when it comes to design?

I value craftsmanship that is on the break of extinction in order to pay respect to our local and traditional culture in Brazil. In this industry, I choose companies that have a social commitment and that treat their employees well, in addition to choosing certified materials in order to minimize the impact on the environment.

Can you walk us through the process, beginning to end, of how the Giraffe chair was made? Where did the design concept come from, what influenced you and how did you decide on the wood and other materials you used?

I am a chair lover. I wanted to make a chair that was feminine, sensual, curvy but at the same time slender and elegant, almost as if it was like an addable hug. I imagined the design in my head and I immediately sketched it by hand onto paper. The next step was going to the computer to adjust the proportions and ergonomics. From the beginning I imagined it would be made of solid wood. Wood has the characteristic of being welcoming and allows us to work with curved shapes.

What are some of the overarching hurdles you encountered as a female architect and interior designer within the global design industry?

I consider the world of architecture and the corporate world to be very male dominant. With interior design we see more space for successful women. In this context, and now managing my furniture brand, I see that we as women have to break new ground. We must work harder, be constantly on trial to show our value in addition to having to deal with a greater expectation from society in relation to our dedication to the family.

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